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"Eru treats me like a prince": Gabriel Idir

Eru Oreki, the granddaughter of Eru Chitanda and daughter of Shoutarou Oreki.

"Eru treats me like a prince": Gabriel Idir

By Enju Aihara
The Daily Magi
November 18, 2071

Eru Oreki, a freshman liberal arts major, is the granddaughter of Eru Chitanda—of who she was named after—and Houtarou Oreki, as well the daughter of Shoutarou Oreki and Maya Konno. Her grandfather was a former secondary coach for the Mitakihara Magi and her father used to play in the secondary for Coach Kaname's Magi in his college days. Eru resembles her grandmother in terms of eccentricity, curiousness and appearance and is the fiancee of Magi defensive tackle Gabriel Takatori Idir.

"Eru treats me a like a prince," said Idir after practice at Hakurei Centre. "Ever since she moved into my dorm room, we've been going out together, we've been studying together, we've been doing a lot of things together. She's on the cheer  squad and wants to be a model one day, but she also wants to be a secretary or go into teaching. I like the fact that she wants to support whatever I do, and she stood up for me a lot of times when there people trying to get in our way.

"She sometimes worries me at times with her eccentric notions and out-of-the-box-thinking, but what I really like about her is her pedigree. Her father and grandfather were a part of my team years ago and for her, this is just like continuing the tradition of people in her family attending Mitakihara. It's astounding and I really appreciate it. 

"The best part of gameday is the stuff after the game. If I'm on the road, I room with Eru at the team hotel, since the cheer team does room with us on road games. Or, if it's a home game, I head back to my dorm room and Eru is waiting for me. Eru and I love to engage in sweet talk, about classes, about sex, about why my dick needs to be a little bit longer so that she can really get it up, and the numerous positions partners can use to get more out of the other, and about classes and classmates again. 

"Yeah, we talk about football, but I prefer to consummate after the game just to relax. Eru helps me relax, a lot. Everyone on the football team has a fiancee or a wife, so that's good. Some relationships are difficults, but ours has been smooth sailing. Like I said, Eru's my princess and I'm her prince, and we need to treat each other royally so that we can realize the possibilities. I just hope she doesn't get too curious with whatever she decides to be curious about."

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