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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: In Homura Akemi's Words

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: In Homura Akemi's Words

By Homura Akemi
Special To the Daily Magi
August 2, 2071

Time definitely passes by. It heals all things: from deep divisions to tragic conclusions to those random occurences in your life when you felt you were slighted by fate. Such is my life up to this moment. I live every day with a desire to join Madoka and the others into that long elevator ride into the heavens, where we can enjoy watching the world change until time is but a mere concept that no longer exists.

My name is Homura Akemi. I am 75 years old and will turn 76 next February. I have spent a great deal of my life molding Mitakihara University into the institution that it is. I was an offensive coordinator for the football team, an Olympic champion, and a leading member of Mitakihara University's administration for decades before I decided to retire from my final position as chancellor. I handed the job to my daughter, Honoka, and she is the current chancellor of the university. As for me, I am a pensioner, tending a garden full of vegetables, including tomatoes.

Actually, I do a lot of other things, too. I help cook meals with Takkun [Tatsuya Kaname], I ride my bike or walk to get my exercise, I often pass by the Homulilly Society headquarters on campus at Your Silver Garden to meet those worthy of earning their own Dark Orb when they graduate, and I play cards and other games with Madoka, Sayaka, Kyouko, Mami, Nagisa, and our close circle of friends at the Mitakihara Good Friends Social Club.

Even though I've moved on from life as an administration or an employee of the university, I get people still asking me for advice on how to live their life, on how to approach this issue or that issue, on how to manage the daily grind without falling apart. Lots of students use me as a reference for their resumes, and I've been selective as to who I can help because I'm not going to be a savior to everybody. As a Goddess of Love that is counterpoint to the Goddess of Hope, i.e. my wife Madoka, I have to put my interests first. But I do help whoever I can because being selective and elitist in my ways of thinking can be unhealthy if they are not moderated.

People joke around with me, telling me, "Did you give your wife her powers back? Are you ever going to make her who she is?" And I say to that, "She is no more powerful than I am, and I am no more powerful than she is. We work together to bring balance to everything we love because we live together, we have the same husband and we love each other. Madoka, at first, was resentful of what I did, and I anticipated that. But she never gave up on me and I never gave up on her. So we've learned to adjust and our family has benefitted. She knows what I want, I know what she wants."

"I know they're just messing around with me, because they know us, they know our history, they respect what we've done, and the community treats us like royals. I just want to be considered as a person that lived her life doing what needed to be done, while respecting the wishes of those she loved. And I want to live the rest of my life as someone who can mentor students at my university to take risks, to never give up, to do all means necessary to get the job done. 

"I want others who have yet to realize the future in front of them to take the lead and believe in what they can do. No one is perfect, no one is better than the other. When we learn from what we did wrong, we take steps to make it right and succeed. After all, if I am not mistaken, we are all part of the big picture in this wonderful universe, and I am proud to say that after six decades of being a Canadian, I made Mitakihara University an awesome school."

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