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"It's nice to top the polls for once": Tatsuya Kaname

"It's nice to top the polls for once": Tatsuya Kaname

By Enju Aihara
The Daily Magi
November 25, 2071

When Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname noticed that the Magi were at the top of the recent AP Poll at his office atop Hakurei Centre, the recent USA Today Coaches Poll and the recent BCS Rankings, he had to clap his hands before heading back down to the pink turf to oversee practice. Coach Kaname had a spring is his step as he relayed the news to the players and it had a profound impact on their practice.

The Magi have a majority of the first-place votes in the Coaches and AP polls; however, there are two teams that remain unbeaten. This week, the Alabama Crimson Tide clash with the Auburn Tigers in the Iron Bowl while the Navy Midshipmen take on East Carolina in a pivotal American Athletic Conference game. Scouts will be sent to both matches to evaluate Alabama and Navy until the end of conference championship week or until either one suffers their first defeat late in the season.

"It's nice to top the polls for once," Said Coach Kaname at the media conference following practice. "We had been in the shadow of Nebraska for a few week, and Virginia was even unbeaten as well, so there was a pack of five team. Well, now it's down to three, but the danger is still there. Both the Crimson Tide and the Middies are battling for the right to get crushed by us, and we don't mind. Joking aside, our scouts are going to be looking at two very good teams.

"Personally, I want us to face Alabama. We've had a long history of facing the Crimson Tide during our existence and we've had their number in just about every meeting. We love to take on the SEC and school them because we believe the SEC has the best footballing talent outside of us and it's always good to take some of the SEC schools to the cleaners. It's always a good when we face an SEC school. You all saw what happened when we faced Kentucky. Maybe it was our complacency  or hubris in the way, but the Wildcats did not play like a one-win team. That was their bold game, and they gave us a fight. The SEC teams will always give opponents fits.

"Hikari Sakishima, I believe, is still the man in charge at Navy, and he continues to impress me with the way he's managed that program at Annapolis. It's amazing how he finds players that are committed to the military, yet have the size and skills to play at the next level. Those are no ordinary athletes Hikari develops over at the Naval Academy, and while I don't think he will be the team that we face, it just takes one slip-up by Bama and the Middies winning out, and everything changes."

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