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Mikoto Yasaka ready to shine in 2072 for Madoka

Nyaruko Yasaka, the grandmother of future Mitakihara Magi quarterback Mikoto Yasaka.

Mikoto Yasaka ready to shine in 2072 for Madoka

By Enju Aihara
The Daily Magi
October 7, 2071

One of the five five-star recruits that Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname signed following the Magi's Homecoming victory over the Oklahoma Sooners was quarterback Mikoto Yasaka, the son of former Mitakihara Magi receiver and current sprint football receivers coach Makoto Yasaka. Mikoto also plays wide receiver for Johnny Landry's Mitakihara Angels, the best high school football team in the province and one of the premier programs in the country. However, he is mostly used as a quarterback.

"Dad's been telling me to be a winner, to be a champion, to play for the only school in Canada that plays Division I FBS Football," said Yasaka via interview at Mitakihara Secondary. "Can you believe that? My dad, my granddad, and Grandma Nyaruko all attended Madoka. So I'm keeping the streak alive by signing with the Magi. I know Dad played receiver and he's a coach and I actually wanted to play wide receiver for the sprint football team, but I wouldn't get a scholarship and I needed to be 175 or lighter, so I decided to play quarterback instead.

"I like Coach Kaname's offense. It allows me to be the leader, because first of all, I have to decided whether to keep the ball, or pitch it to the halfback or give it to the fullback. I can also throw the ball if necessary and I got a good, strong arm. I run track and I also do triple jump at my school. I won a few medals with the track team and I could have been competing at the Olympics in Toronto next year, but since I'm a football player, I could never be an Olympian, at least not yet. But I'm athletic, and the Puella Magi Option needs athletic quarterbacks.

"I do very well in school, yeah. I get A+ grades on my exams; I get a few occasional B grades but I never got a C or worse because Dad's telling me that Madoka's a very competitive school. It's more competitive than any other university in Canada. It is the most competitive to get in. I got in by getting a scholarship and committing. As for some of my other classmates? Man, they have to go through exams, essays, recommendations, all that stuff because it's a really tough school to get in. They're very selective and it's been hell for some of my classmates.

"But I got a lot of former classmates already on the team, like Jack [Arashi] and Da Man [Daniel Manatsu] and I got a few others in my third-year class joining me at the university next year like [cornerback] Takumu [Harudori]; [wide receiver] Kosuke [Inukai], who is my favorite receiving target; Lukasz Saarinen, who is the younger brother of Lucca Saarinen, a former graduate of Madoka and a good friend of mine, and Kirito [Hattori], who is the son of Kiriko Hattori, who is a librarian on campus and another Madoka grad. We come from families that got their education at Mitakihara University and we're keeping the tradition alive.

"There's gonna be a lot of quarterbacks that will be leaving the school after this season, and I want to be the starter and get my feet wet. I'm very confident that I can contribute to next year and Grandma Nyaruko is telling me that I probably will get the job but I need to earn it. I know nothing is going to be given to me and I need to earn my starting job. But I've had to work hard to get to where I am and this is going to be more of the same. I like pressure and my Dad played under pressure when he was a player here. I'm gonna make my family proud and help Madoka win another national championship. That's how we do things."

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