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Mitakihara: The Culinary Capital of Canada

Mitakihara: The Culinary Capital of Canada

By Enju Aihara
The Daily Magi
September 8, 2071

For decades following the emergence of Mitakihara University as a dominant force in education and college athletics, the cities of Toronto, Ont., Montreal, Que. and Vancouver, B.C. had been in a never-ending tug of war for the Culinary Capital of Canada. However, for the past decade, there has been one undisputed culinary capital in all of Canada, and that is Mitakihara Town, which has the essences of all three cities, along with that of other cities.

Mitakihara is full of the cowboy traditions of Calgary and Edmonton; the Atlantic upbringings of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland; the simple fare of towns like Saskatoon and Regina, and the relentless heritage of a blue-collar town like Winnipeg. Indeed, Mitakihara's chefs and restauranteurs hail from every big city in Canada to help develop its culinary style reflective of the nation.

The heart of Mitakihara's gastronomy lies in McGann's Pub and Grill, the city's first-ever gastropub originally catering to students of the university. Many former chefs at McGann's, most of whom are alumni of Mitakihara University, have gone on to become celebrities, like Luc Renault '40, Danny Greer '36, Abraham Deloach '38, Mabel Thibodaux '49, Samuel Sandoval '53 and J.D. Bowser '39, the latter being one of Canada's many Iron Chefs. Ritchie Peace '70 is the current chef at McGann's and is aware of the burden the city has to serve the most delicious food at the most reasonable prices.

"The Prime Minister of Canada, Jack Diefenbaker, gave our city the capital of The Nation's Kitchen," Peace said via interview at McGann's while the staff were preparing the restaurant for another business day. "And when you are The Nation's Kitchen, you have foodies to feed and egos to satisfy. 

"There are so many good restaurants in this city, and in this province, there's lots of resources to go to in order to be successful. We're near the ocean, and a lot of our seafood is caught off the waters of the straight of Georgia. We import our beef and chicken and pork from the mainland and Alberta, and the Fraser Valley and nearby Washington have some of the finest fruits. We also are near California and Oregon, so we have even more resources to go to.

"Competition is very strong in Mitakihara. The restaurant industry in this city is incredible. We have cuisines from different parts of the world, not just Canada. Every continent is represented. We even have fusion restaurants that incorparate the cuisine of the First Nations. Tourists not only come to Mitakihara to look at the architecture and the culture, but they come for the food and fine dining. Who doesn't love eating a world-class meal at a great value with a gorgeous skyline in the background at night? We are proud to advocate gastronomy on the cheap because we know that students and budget travelers love to stay here so that they can visit Vancouver Island and maybe even visit Mitakihara University.

"Our city is proud to be the Culinary Capital of Canada. We take pride in being the Nation's Kitchen. And we look forward to continuing to serve the world with the best that Canada has to offer."

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