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Mitakihara football fans paying attention to Navy-Tulsa

Mitakihara football fans paying attention to Navy-Tulsa

By Enju Aihara
The Daily Magi
December 10, 2071

For Mitakihara Magi football fans, there is but one game that the fans are paying close attention to, and that's the American Athletic Conference Championship Game between the Navy Midshipmen and the Tulsa Golden Hurricane at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Md. If Hikari Sakishima's Midshipmen win, they will face Tatsuya Kaname's Magi in the 2072 BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans, LA. If the Middies lose, it will be interesting to see who the selection committee takes.

"WE WANT NAVY! WE WANT NAVY!" chanted the students at the pep rally at Kirisame Pyramid yesterday, having already made up their minds. Banners of Madoka Kaname aiming an arrow at a goat with an N on his head were raised, as well as signs of "GO MAGI! BEAT NAVY!" being plasted all over campus.

"I think the Midshipmen have done well to make it this far without losing a game," said senior oceanography major Bob Skarr '72 of Hamilton, Ont. "But I think Tulsa have a really good chance to send shockwaves throughout the college football world. That's why we're paying very close attention to what's going on here. You never know..."

"I like facing Navy," said junior speech therapy major Anne Coughlin '73 of Burnaby, B.C. "Their head coach used to be an assistant here and he's brought the winning mentality to Annapolis. However, we got a streak going and we need to keep it going. But I do want the Magi to take on the Middies in New Orleans."

"I thought we were going to face Alabama or Nebraska but they tapered off, and Virginia, too," said sophomore history major Marcus Estrada '74 of Pasay City, Philippines. "I've been following American football since I was a kid, as well as college football, and I really wanted Mitakihara to face the Crimson Tide or the Huskers because they come from two of the conferences on the continent. So this was a surprise."

"If you ask me," said freshman liberal arts major Ashley Hetherington '75 of New Westminster, B.C., "it wouldn't matter who we face. As the new fight song goes, the Rose, Pink and White will win anyway. But I think we're gonna take on Navy in January. It's gonna be a good game but we got this one."

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