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Mitakihara prevail over Texas, 58-31

Mitakihara prevail over Texas, 58-31

By Enju Aihara
The Daily Magi
November 7, 2071

Yes, Mitakihara can play close matches with solid opposition, too. Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi were tested by Akiyuki Kaname's Texas Longhorns but in another between battle between father and son, the old man knows best in a 58-31 victory at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara Town, B.C. Quarterback Russ Opare passed for 292 yards and a touchdown while rushing for 53 yards and two more scores.

Halfback Kodaka Onodera ran for 156 yards and two touchdowns, fullback Corey Addy ran for 94 yards, wide receiver Marcus Mba caught seven passes for 114 yards and a touchdown, and wideout Will Atsu caught five passes for 107 yards. Left tackle Mario Washington had 11 pancakes to lead the blockers while left guard WIlliam Carter had nine pancakes and right guard Mitch Zango had seven pancakes. Left end Kazuki S. Biyik and defensive tackle Gabriel Takatori Idir each had two sacks to lead the defense.

"A very pedestrian performance but that's expected against my son and his team," said Coach Kaname after the game. "My son's done a really great job at the University of Texas, and even though they have been having a tough season, they've been fighting to keep my son employed as Austin, so I tip my hat off to the Longhorns for giving us a good game because this doesn't normally happen all that often."

Mitakihara improve to 11-0 and conclude their regular season next week against the North Carolina State Wolfpack.

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