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NCAA To Officially Adopt Laws Of The Game For College Soccer In 2072

NCAA To Officially Adopt Laws Of The Game For College Soccer In 2072

By Enju Aihara
The Daily Magi
October 27, 2071

After over a century of playing under a set of rules that include a countdown clock, free substitution, timeouts and golden goals, the National Collegiate Athletic Association has decided to finally adopt the International Football Association Board's Laws of the Game.  This is a historic move, one that Mitakihara University Magi Head Football Coach Tatsuya Kaname is thrilled to hear.

"Finally!" exclaimed Coach Kaname after practice at Hakurei Centre. "I don't know why it took these guys from Indianapolis more than a century to figure it out. You know the old saying as well as I do: when in Rome, do like a Roman. These idiots, if I may call them that, have been playing under rules inconsistent with the rules of the game as we know it. So for the NCAA to finally adopt in full the Laws of the Game is a sign that they are going in the right direction."

Prior to the 2072 season and 2071 College Cup and Women's College Cup, these rules were in effect.  

  • If a player accumulates five yellow cards over the period of one season, he or she is banned one game. 
  • A manager may make unlimited substitutions; however, a player cannot re-enter a game in the same half that he left in. All matches have an overtime period if the game remains tied after 90 minutes. 
  • As opposed to a classic two half overtime, a sudden death rule is applied. If neither team scores in the two ten-minute halves, the match ends in a draw (unless it is a playoff match, then it would be penalty kicks). 
  • College soccer is played on a "running clock" that is constantly counting down unless the referee signals for the clock to be stopped by injuries, the issuing of misconducts, or when he feels a team is wasting time. The clock is also stopped after goals until play is restarted. 

These rules will be replaced with the Laws of the Game regarding yellow card accumulation, substitutions and extra time/penalties procedures for playoff matches. The rules officially take effect with the NCAA Division I, II and III men's and women's national semifinals. Also being tabled for a special conference in December is a motion to repeal the rules regarding unsportsmanlike conduct. The motion is expected to pass with little resistance and take effect starting with the 2072 college football season.

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