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New Fight Song introduced on campus!

New Fight Song introduced on campus!

By Enju Aihara
The Daily Magi
September 16, 2071

A former Mitakihara Magi football player, Chris Niskanen '67 and his wife Eila Niskanen '67, decided to pen another school anthem as a way of congratulating their alma mater on six decades of existence. With help from a former Magi baseball shortstop and current Vancouver Canadian Rick Thomas '67, they borrowed the melody of an old Arendellian ballad celebrating grandiose delusions, called 'Let It Go,' and made it into a song designed to rub it in the face of the haters trying to shut the Magi and Puella Magi down.

"We back up our talk with our performances in sports," said Niskanen, now a strong safety with the Saskatchewan Roughriders after a rough going with the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. "So the song 'Let You Know' is just that, we're letting all the haters know that you can hate as much as you want, but you're only telling us that we're doing a great job and it's onward, onward, onward! With capital O, like a goose egg.

"Rick is a good friend of mine and he was known for writing political satire songs slamming the Trudeaus for being too out of touch with their own sanity and slamming Barack Obama for being a brother of brothers. He supports Thatcherism the same way a dog's tail supports wagging its respective canine owner. He was insistent on using 'We Da Best' instead of 'We're the Best' because he supports the Columbus Crew and is known on BigSoccer as THOMA GOL. Apparently, it localized the music as if to keep it real. And that's what us Mitakihara Hipsters are infamous for: we like to keep it realer than real, because shit just got real.

"I'm glad that 'Let You Know' is part of the list of Madoka Magi fight songs and I hope it's belted a capella whenver we're winning our way. And you all know what we mean, because generations lived through it. We're letting you know that the Rose, Pink and White will win anyway. So, fear us, I guess."

"Let You Know" will debut this week against the North Carolina Tar Heels and will be performed by the award-winning Mitakihara University Marching Ultimates.

"There lies a school on the Western Coast
Full of awesome, so it seems.
The pride of Mitakihara.
Hail the college of our dreams.

The teams are full of burning passion deep inside.
Got nowhere to run, got nowhere to hide.

We know our sports, from A to Z,
Gunning for a Magi Victory.
We got the skills to win the game,
So know the name!

Let you know, let you know
That we're gonna win it all.
Let you know, let you know,
From the spring into the fall!

We da best!
You've got hell to pay!
We are Madoka.
The Rose, Pink and White will win anyway!

We're fighting for the Goddess,
We fight for Devil too.
They're the ones that made this school rise
Out of the ocean blue.

We tell their tales of hope and love,
We tell of blessings from above.
No one will dare get in our way today!

Let you know, let you know,
That we're running up the score.
Let you know, let you know.
Heave away, here comes some more!

Still da best!
More hell to pay!
We are Madoka!

We're from the City of the Future, yes we are.
Here on this campus, every student is a shining star.
Mitakihara is our home away from home.
Remember who you are,
For you are not alone!

Let you know, let you know
We will fight till the game is won.
Let you know, let you know
Our Madoka lives on!

We da best!
You've got hell to pay!
Everybody knows
The Rose, Pink and White will win anyway!"

-K. Anderson-Lopez, R. Lopez, R. Thomas '67,
C. Niskanen '67 and E. Niskanen '67

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