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The Mystique of 12 (Vancouver) Service Company

The Mystique of 12 (Vancouver) Service Company

By Enju Aihara
The Daily Magi
October 13, 2071

12 (Vancouver) Service Company (12 Svc Coy) is a Canadian Army Primary Reserve combat service support unit of the Canadian Forces that can fight in a defensive role and provides logistical support to the units within 3rd Canadian Division's 39 Canadian Brigade Group, which consists of all Primary Reserve units in British Columbia.

No. 12 (Vancouver) Service Battalion was created on 15 February 1965 and received royal assent in June 1977. Originally, the battalion was based at the North Jericho Complex and was named Vancouver Militia Service Battalion. In 1971, the battalion was reassigned to the South Jericho Complex. In 1974, changes to Militia service battalions of the Canadian Forces occurred and then led to the change in the battalion's name from Vancouver Militia Service Battalion to the current title, 12 (Vancouver) Service Battalion. On 10 April 1988, 12 (Vancouver) Service Battalion moved for the final time, from the South Jericho Complex to the current location where the battalion is headquartered, the Colonel Sherman Armoury in Richmond, British Columbia. On 8 March 1993, the City of Richmond awarded 12 (Vancouver) Service Battalion with freedom of the city and then on 17 April 1993, 12 (Vancouver) Service Battalion marched "through the city streets with drums beating, flags flying, and bayonets fixed."

In 2010, the two Service Battalions within 39 CBG, 11 (Victoria) Service Battalion and 12 (Vancouver) Service Battalion, were amalgamated and changed to companies. The two units now make up two companies of 39 Service Battalion. As a result, 11 (Victoria) Service Battalion was renamed: 11 (Victoria) Service Company, and 12 (Vancouver) Service Battalion was renamed: 12 (Vancouver) Service Company. The Armoury was used as a communications operations base for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

12 Military Police Platoon (12 MP Pl) is not attached to 12 Svc Coy, but works within the same armoury. It is part of 15 Military Police Company (15 MP Coy), 1 Military Police Regiment (1 MP Regt). The platoon has two sections located in Richmond, British Columbia and one section located in Victoria, British Columbia. The role of the Primary Reserve Military Police is to augment the Regular Force. Their role is less comprehensive than that of Regular Force Military Police and includes the provision to the Department of National Defence of security and custodial services in both operational and non-operational theatres and on CF establishments; the protection of personnel, information and material against subversion, sabotage, espionage, terrorism and other forms of threat, the enforcement of discipline, the control and documentation of prisoners of war, NBC monitoring and traffic control in support of field operations.

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