Sunday, July 20, 2014

John Kirigaya Picks UCLA

John Kirigaya Picks UCLA

By Touko Fukami
The MiTSS News
February 2, 2073

At Taniguchi Hall at Mitakihara Town Secondary School yesterday, a major press conference took place. There were four hats on a rose table. Halfback/left outside linebacker John Kirigaya was to choose a hat. Four schools had made the shortlist: Stanford, UCLA, USC and Notre Dame. Fans from all four schools flocked to Mitakihara Town to witness this event. The students were surprised that college football fans from the States would descend on their campus, when normally they would be at their jobs.

"I couldn't believe that there were diehard fans making a trip here in the middle of February," said Kirigaya before they even began. "They must have a lot of money riding on my decision, so it looks like there are going to be a lot of disappointed people. I really wished they just watched it on TV to save money, but that the way it goes with these fans. They love the sport and they have a really strong investment in it, so good on them."

The voice on the tannoy, Chester Hong Cheong asked, "Hanato Kirigaya, which school will you choose?" 10 seconds later, Kirigaya picked...UCLA.  The UCLA fans were belated, and some of the USC fans jeered and also delivered some unsavory language and even throw bottles towards Kirigaya. The degenerates that were in attendance were summarily escorted out and arrested for their actions.

"Well, I knew I was going to make a lot of people unhappy with my decision," said Kirigaya, who will choose the number 49 as his jersey number. "But, what's done is done, and I am ready for action in Westwood."

In other news, the Mitakihara Magi have elected to move down to Division I FCS as an independent. The Magi finished 10-3 and won the Sun Bowl under head coach Akiyuki Kaname.


  1. Don't think I'm finished...There will be a whole new conference under my wing, the Yellowhammer Conference!

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