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Mitakihara Enter Playoffs As No. 1 Seed Following 63-0 Win Over Mount Douglas

Mitakihara Enter Playoffs As No. 1 Seed Following 63-0 Win Over Mount Douglas

By Touko Fukami
The MiTSS News
October 29, 2072

Johnny Landry's Mitakihara Angels enter the BC School Sports Provincial AAA Playoffs as the No. 1 seed following a 63-0 shutout win over the Mount Douglas Rams on Sagitta Luminis Day 2072 at Tatsuya Kaname Field at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara Town, B.C. Halfback/left outside linebacker John Kirigaya ran for 308 yards and six touchdowns while wide receiver Thien Nguyen had three touchdown catches from quarterback Steve Merka.

MiTSS reduced Mt. Doug to just -5 yards rushing and only 62 yards of total offense. In addition to the big playmaking ability from Kirigaya, the pass rush also contributed to the blowout, led by defensive tackle Kolbe "Eggman" Launchbaugh. After the game, Coach Landry came under scrutiny for allegedly playing a soft schedule. He fired back in kind with some tough talk.

"Many of these teams have pretty good players," Coach Landry told the press. "We have good teams face us, but the reason we win big is because of Johnno. Take him off the field, and your opinion of this being a soft schedule changes, doesn't it? Johnno makes it softer than soft serve but that doesn't mean we change our tune when we get on the field. No matter who the opponent, we go out there and show everyone what we're about. Period."

Mitakihara conclude the regular season 11-0 and await their first-round opponent in the playoffs.

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