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Mitakihara Pull Plug On Vancouver College, 76-7

Mitakihara Pull Plug On Vancouver College, 76-7

By Touko Fukami
The MiTSS News
September 17, 2072

Johnny Landry's Mitakihara Angels demolished the Vancouver College Fighting Irish, 76-7, at Tatsuya Kaname Field at Mitakihara Stadium on Saturday in Homecoming 2072. Halfback/left outside linebacker John Kirigaya ran the show on offense, rushing for 386 yards and seven touchdowns, catching five passes for 111 yards and two more scores, six tackles, three tackles for loss and two sacks.

"Johnno was a monster today, can you imagine that?" asked Coach Landry. "I mean, look at his numbers! He's a speedy, powerful halfback, he catches passes like a tight end, and a monster on the pass rush. Johnno's the hungriest player on this team because last year left a bad taste in his mouth. You can see the look on his face, the focus in his eyes, he's hungry.

"I mean, at the pregame lunch buffet, Johnno piled up his plate and filled it up with lot of protein because he loves the Atkins diet. He doesn't eat a lot of carbs, but he feasts on lean protein and loves to snack on organic pork rinds after a game. He hits the weight rooms, conditions himself by running laps and going up the stairs of our athletic field  bleachers, he trains himself like a professional. So don't be surprised if when we are on the field, the other team's keeping an eye on No. 1. He's our No. 1 player for a reason."

With the win, the Angels keep the Big Flower Cup, sumbolic of the rivalry between MiTSS and Vancouver College. Mitakihara improve to 5-0 and return to action next week against the Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers.

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