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MiTSS Homecoming 2072: What Drives You?

MiTSS Homecoming 2072: What Drives You?

By Touko Fukami
The MiTSS News
September 12, 2072

The 62nd edition of Mitakihara Town Secondary School's Homecoming Week takes place this Saturday at Mitakihara Stadium and the pink playing surface of Tatsuya Kaname Field. This year's theme is "What Drives You?" and is a tribute to the grand opening of The Rocks Speedway, a world-class road track located in the mountains near Mitakihara Town, owned and operated by the Mitakihara Town Sports Club, that is used for motorcycle racing, Formula One, Indy Car, Rally, endurance racing and drifting.

"'What Drives You?' is a theme that we've been penciling in for months," said Homecoming Chair, Yanagi Takayama, the younger sister of Mitakihara University alumnus Haruki "Trick" Takayama and fiancee of Angels halfback/left outside linebacker John Kirigaya. Takayama is a third-year student. "So we wanted to explore the many ways that motivate us to succeed at MiTSS, while at the same time celebrate our arrival as an auto sports city.

"We are full of sports mania in Mitakihara Towm. MiTSS has won provincial titles and Madoka (Mitakihara University) has won national championships. And the Sports Club and Yacht Club has been successful as well. So, all those things drive us to be motivated and succeed on and off the field. Mitakihara Town is a great place to live and grow, and I am so thrilled to oversee this homecoming week because we've had a tradition of this for a long time. We hope everyone comes."

The Homecoming Week also doubles as the prelude to the University's Homecoming Week, which features the Magi taking on Japanese collegiate powerhouse Kwansei Gakuin at the Sakura Bowl. That will take place two weeks from now. Kickoff between the Angels and Vancouver College Fighting Irish is scheduled for 7 p.m. PT on September 17 and will be televised by Radio Madoka and broadcast by CMTS AM 900.

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