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MiTSS Pass Defense A Big Issue As Angels Zoom Past Terry Fox, 69-6

MiTSS Pass Defense A Big Issue As Angels Zoom Past Terry Fox, 69-6

By Touko Fukami
The MiTSS News
October 22, 2072

If there is one thing that Johnny Landry's Mitakihara Angels are poor at, it's pass defense. The Terry Fox Ravens, now 1-9, scored their only touchdown on a long 76-yard pass that got Coach Landry riled up. Upending a few tables, Coach Landry told the players to get John Kirigaya, the Angels' star halfback/left outside linebacker, the ball immediately to counter the poor pass defense.

It worked. Kirigaya ran for 314 yards and eight touchdowns and quarterback Steve Merka also passed for 130 yards and two more scores as the Angels flew past the Ravens, 69-6. This has been one of the worst seasons in Terry Fox Ravens football history, and even though that big play did bring a smile to the face of the long-suffering Ravens boosters, it fired up the Angels, who responded with 48 unanswered points and a relentless pass rush. The Angels reduced the Ravens to -35 yards rushing and just 131 yards of total offense, all from the pass.

"Everybody talks about Johnno and his important to the team but we have other players besides Kirigaya, like Thien Nguyen, Craig Ostrander, Bill Wilson and Steve Merka, all of who are going to play CIS ball for UBC," said Coach Landry after the match. "Getting those players touches forces opponents to focus on the entire team, rather that just Johnno, and makes us more complete in our attack. However, we need to address giving up big plays to any opponent. We plan to work on our pass defense next week."

Mitakihara improve to 10-0 and will conclude the regular season with a match at home against the Mount Douglas Rams in Sagitta Luminis Day 2072, honoring the third-year students of the MiTSS Class of 2073. That match will be broadcast by Radio Madoka 2 and CMTS AM 900.

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