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Sagitta Luminis Day 2072 Honours Class Of 2073

Sagitta Luminis Day 2072 Honours Class Of 2073

By Touko Fukami
The MiTSS News
October 25, 2072

Mitakihara University has its Magia Day game, celebrating the fourth-year students of the Class of 2073. At Mitakihara Town Secondary School, there is an equivalent for the graduating third-years, called Sagitta Luminis Day, or SagLum for short. Sagitta Luminis means "Arrow Of Light," one of the key mysteries of the university's co-founder, Dr. Madoka Kaname. SagLum '72 will honour student-athletes of the MiTSS Class of 2073.

The opponent for Johnny Landry's Mitakihara Angels are their bitter rivals, the Mount Douglas Rams, who are having a terrible season at 2-8. With no playoffs to play for, this is essentially their championship game. The coach of the Rams, Gabe Sawchuk, was fired and dismissed from the school five weeks ago for an incident involving members of the cheer team, who told Coach Sawchuk to fix a number of matches in exchange for payments and sex. Those cheer members are also expelled from the school and are currently doing community service and undergoing therapy. Gabe's brother Danny is currently the interim head coach.

But despite the tumultuous season at Mt. Doug, that has not been a distraction for MiTSS, who are seeing fans come to Mitakihara Stadium to see John Kirigaya and his playmaking ability. Sure, there are other notable players like Thien Nguyen, Steve Merka and Craig Ostrander, but they pale in comparison to Kirigaya's pedigree and exciting runs. He is considered a celebrity at the school, along with his fiancee Yanagi Takayama.

The winner of the Angels-Rams game plays for the Rebellion Window, a three-foot window weighing 35 pounds, held together with a silk ribbon, bedecked with pink and purple gems representing Angels and Rams victories. It was donated by the Homulilly Society and this Saturday, two members of the Society will be present, barefoot in their characteristic funeral dresses, to award the Window.

"We know Mt. Doug have been having it rough this year, but that's their issue, not ours," said Kirigaya. "We're just gonna be focused on making our parents proud and watching me and the other third-years play one more exciting game for our fans and our classmates. Everyone that has been behind us this year, thank you, and we're gonna repay you by putting on a show this weekend against the Rams."

Kickoff is scheduled for Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. PT and will be televised by Radio Madoka 2 and broadcast on CMTS AM 900.

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