Monday, November 23, 2015

Post No. 4000...

So this is the 4,000th post on this blog, this archive of entries from a dynasty that I had a lot of fun writing about for a number of years. So far, the Leafa Spirit Dynasty is coming along quite well, and I have updated that blog to the sixth season, which I am currently on so far. Sportswriting and admin assistant work have caused me to pace myself with that dynasty. I also can't do much Pangya grinding because my workstations are in really poor shape.

I changed my banner after a number of months just because I wanted to keep this site of mine fresh, if only for a fleeting bit. I am considering maybe making a version of the Mitakihara Magi for another sport, maybe soccer, baseball, who knows. I don't have immediate plans to create a direct successor to this college football dynasty, which has concluded in 2071, but I am open to finding new ideas, new ways of reviving the Mitakihara Way, the Madoka Way, the way that has convinced me that athletes who wear pink and white just do things better.

I always reminisce of when I was still writing the Magi Football dynasty, and how all these different families came from Japan to Canada to be part of an ideal footballing juggernaut. What if there was a team that could win more championships than Princeton? I always thought, "Sure, but it has to have that unique charm that differentiates this superteam from the Alabamas, the Florida States, the Notre Dames and USCs and Oklahomas of the world, It needs to adopt pink and white as its colors. And it needs to be based in Canada.

This then-sleepy city I made on Vancouver Island, made in the image of its sister city in Japan, the city of the future, would be the center of the college sports universe for five, six decades. So by the time the football team drops to Division I FCS, it's already done enough damage that it has its own network and is a freestanding college athletics program. Mitakihara University has grown up to be the most affluent Canadian university by 2071, more powerful than McGill and Toronto. It's something that Madoka and Homura would be proud of.

And yet, despite enjoying building something magical in Australia, I sometimes want to savor watching teams in pink and white smash all the other big names like they're nobody's business. I hope that one day, the NCAA Football series by EA Sports is restored so that I can actually reboot this dynasty and have it run side-by-side with Leafa College. That gives me an idea for the immediate future: have the Magi be a homecoming opponent on occasions for Leafa. Stay tuned for news on that on the other side, that is, the Leafa Spirit Dynasty, if it is a go.

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