About the Mitakihara Magi Football Dynasty

This is the story of a university born out of a wish, and a team that turned the university into one of the most respected and most prestigious institutions in all of Canada and the world. This is story of the Mitakihara University Magi.

This is a crossover between a dynasty in EA Sports College Football (formerly known as EA Sports NCAA Football) and one of the most famous anime in recent memory, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Quarters were at 15 minutes until the SEC Championship Game, in which all games will consist of five-minute quarters, All-American co-op mode since I have an anonymous user playing with me on this. After the SEC title game, quarters were set back to 15 minutes. I am using coach mode, the other person simming with me is using regular controls. Advisory: since this is one of pure comedy, there will be plenty of queso to go around; I simply forgot to bring the wine for it. For more information on the series in question that inspired this dynasty, visit this site.

Double advisory: there are some adult scenes in this dynasty. You will realize it when you read it.

This dynasty will go 60 seasons before concluding. This team replaced Hawaii until the 2030 season, when they replaced San Jose State.

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