The Mighty Magi

The Mighty Magi

"You hear that Homu Homu sound
From the M of the Town?
It's The Sound of the Mighty Magi. (MAGI!)

You feel the ground a-shaking.
America is quaking
In their shoes before the Magi. (MAGI!)

A blend of rose and pink
With a dash of white.
We're up to every test.

Hail to you, Mitakihara Magi.
You're the Jewel of the West.

Don't give up!
Don't you (HEY!) surrender! (HO!)
Keep fighting till the end!
Madoka, you're the best!
(LET'S GO!)"

-H. Angus, G.W. Northrup '20 and T.A. Hess '21

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