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Mitakihara University is a 4-year liberal arts university located in Mitakihara Town, British Columbia, a model city patterned after its sister city in Japan which shares the same namesake. A part of Canada's newest metropolis in the making, Mitakihara U was founded by president Madoka Kaname with five goals in mind:

1. To provide a comprehensive liberal arts education built on the principles of hope, humanity, determination, commitment, dedication and self-improvement.
2. To develop leaders that will help shape the lives of the people of British Columbia, Canada and the world.
3. To foster a spirit of community by encouraging its students to partake in activities that reach out to cities, towns, and villages near and abroad.
4. To promote a tolerance and respect for different cultures, beliefs and orientations.
5. To constructively challenge and enlighten young men and women, thus enabling them to reach their maximum potential as citizens of a global society.
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Location of the University

The colors of Mitakihara University are Mitakihara Rose (dark pink), Madoka Pink (light pink) and Kyubey White (white). They are the first university to utilize such a color scheme into their athletic programs, and were voted by the Associate Students as the colors overwhelmingly (87.7%).

The men's teams are known as the Magi, while the women's teams are the Puella Magi. 42 teams compete for Mitakihara. The West Coast Conference  houses a number of these teams, with men's soccer competing in the MPSF, the football team competing in the Mountain West as an auxiliary member, and the remainder of the teams competing as independents.

List of Sports:

  • Baseball (men only)
  • Basketball (men and women)
  • Cross-Country (men and women)
  • Fencing (men and women)
  • Field Hockey (women only)
  • Football (men only)
  • Golf (men and women)
  • Handball (men and women)
  • Ice hockey (men and women)
  • Lacrosse (men and women)
  • Rowing (men and women)
  • Sailing (men and women)
  • Skiing (men and women)
  • Soccer (men and women)
  • Sand volleyball (women only)
  • Softball (women only)
  • Squash (men and women)
  • Swimming and diving (men and women)
  • Tennis (men and women)
  • Track and field (men and women)
  • Volleyball (men and women)
  • Water Polo (men and women)
  • Wrestling (men and women)

Mitakihara runs an offensive playbook called the Puella Magi Option, which is a carbon copy of Air Force's triple option playbook, but with all Flexbone formations and plays thrown in, as well as Far and Wishbone Normal. This is a spread-flex package. The offense runs like Air Force but is designed to score in the mold of Oregon's spread option playbook, as it is an option pass hybrid that encourages no-huddle. For a brief time, Mitakihara ran a combination of the run-and-shoot and the flexbone formation, known as Puella Magi RS. Again, this runs like Air Force but scores like Oregon. However, early on in the 2023 season, the offense returned to the Puella Magi Option.

Mitakihara's defense is called the Morning Rescue Defense, named after a drink by House Foods, a corporate sponsor of Mitakihara University Athletics. It is a multiple defense that includes a variety of formations designed to involve more players on defense, specifically the linebackers and secondary. Blitzing and pass coverage packages are a specialty of the Morning Rescue defense.

Regular Uniform:
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[Image: madokauni3.jpg]

Alternate/Hyouka (Ice Cream) Uniform:
[Image: madokauni4.jpg]
[Image: madokauni5.jpg]

Conference Affiliations:
2011 Pac-12 North
2012 Big 10 Leaders
2013 Big 12
2014 SEC
2015 ACC Coastal
2016 Big East
2017 MAC West
2018 Conference USA
2019 Sun Belt
2020 Mountain West
2021 WAC
2022 Pac-12 North
2023-2040 Division I FBS Independent
2040-2060 Mountain West (West Division)
2061- Division I FBS Independent

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